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Apollo Children's Hospital Chennai
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Apollo Children's Hospital, Chennai

Scenario - The health needs of children are extremely unique and different. In addition, today, more than ever before, there is increased incidence of prematurity and low birth weight, increased prevalence of chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma and developmental disorders, a growing prevalence of childhood obesity and an ever increasing need for pediatric superspecialities such as Cardiology, Neonatology, Transplantation, Mental health and Endocrinology. This inspiration carried Apollo forward to create a facility dedicated to pediatrics.

Intervention - As the largest health care provider group in this part of the world and with the vision of touching a billion little lives, Apollo Global Projects Consultancy, the hospital implementation and hospital management division of Apollo Hospitals Group commissioned Apollo Children's Hospital, (ACH) in Chennai to provide specialized healthcare services under one roof for all children between 0 to 16 years of age.

Apollo Children's Hospital is a continuum of our Chairman's dream to bring world class healthcare to all age groups, thereby not jeopardizing the potential and promise of the most vulnerable citizen of tomorrow.

Apollo Children's Hospital (ACH) with about 80 beds is established on a built up area of 39,000 sq.ft. complete with state of the art neonatology care units, Pediatric Intensive care facilities, state of the art Operating rooms including facility for complex cardiac surgeries, procedure rooms, laboratory services, dedicated clinics for chronic ailments, preventive health, developmental disorders and counseling services.

The implementation team consisting of clinicians, architects and operations managers have left no stone unturned to create one of the finest facilities focused around caring for child health. Some of the unique features include,

  • the most advanced technologies and other cutting edge equipments in cardiac and neuro diagnostics,
  • 45 of India's finest pediatric specialists and over 180 nurses
  • Comprehensive range of pediatric specialties in the country including health promotion and prevention programs for children and adolescents.

And true to the Apollo Way, the Hospital has not stopped with providing merely the best of technology and expertise. A lot of thought has gone into making the process of healing as child-friendly as possible. The ambience, the mood, the culture have all been shaped around the young patient. The ACH is equipped with games, toys and a host of other recreational activities and aims at providing children a refreshing break from their treatment regimen.

In a child-friendly playroom, decorated with cartoons and stories painted on the wall, children some of them suffering from serious ailments can take their minds off their routine to enjoy playing with toys, board games, reading comic books and also make friends with other kids. All these apart from adding to fun also helps recoup faster. Necessary precautions to prevent children from falls and other injuries have also been inbuilt by the Hospital planning and Hospital design team.

Children are our most precious assets and our investments for the future of this planet.

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