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Hospital Operation Management & Hospital Operator
Hospital operations Management - Case Studies

Operations Management

Client - One of the clients in West India.

Situation - The hospital was undergoing a difficult financial situation with rigid labour demarcation, lack of I.T. and limited medical services on offer. There was considerable scope of improvement in service levels.

Intervention - Apollo took over the management in September, 1998. The hospital underwent a modification, expansion and modernization in line with the recommendations of an in house assessment by a team of experts. Over 85,000 sq ft of additional space was added by 2002. Apollo introduced new departments, added technologically advanced equipments, deployed an advanced IT system, enhanced the scope of existing services and quality and most importantly ensured a smooth transition from the old HR policies and systems to a set of efficient and up to date systems and protocols.

The Impact – Today, the client is one of the most renowned and advanced hospitals in the region. In 2006, a span of 9 years after taking over the management, bed capacity was increased by over 71% to 325, occupied bed days increased by over 185%, number of surgeries performed increased by more than 3 times to 6000 and net revenues registered an increase of 627%.

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