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Hospital Operations Management Services
Hospital Operations Management

We manage hospitals for our partners. Apollo’s role as a hospital operator is guided by its commitment to

  • Ensure that the skill-sets of key clinical and managerial team members are amongst the best
  • Achieve and maintain accreditation status and international standards
  • Develop a sustainable competitive advantage for the hospital to ensure high levels of quality, customer service and competitiveness

As a part of the hospital operations management / hospital operator role, Apollo deputes a senior management team to manage the day to day affairs of the Hospital in line with international best practices which strives to establish the hospital as a leader in the region with the best patient care and a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • All managed hospitals become part of the Apollo network and benefit through a host of initiatives which include central marketing and purchasing programmes.
  • Telemedicine linkage between the managed facilities and Apollo’s tertiary care facilities which enable patients and doctors to consult a large network of medical consultants based at other Apollo’s facilities.
  • Exchange program for medical consultants, nurses and technicians to facilitate knowledge sharing and technology exchange.
Apollo now manages more than 42 hospitals in India and abroad.
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The hospital was undergoing a difficult financial situation with rigid labour demarcation...
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